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It’s possible to be friends with orthodox Jewish people ?

Hello everyone, basically by looking at my user name you know I’m Chinese, so my question is about can you be a friend with orthodox Jewish People? What about to be friends with orthodox Jewish girl? I’d be happy to share my personal story. I had met a orthodox Jewish girl in my college class(middle east history), we haven’t talked to each other almost the whole semester, until the last day of the class, and that’s the only one time we have talked to each other, we basically ask each other questions about what you want to do after the college, are you planning to take summer semester class and so on. eventually, I asked her, do you want to be friends with me? she replies with yes and we exchange our phones number, I tried to send her a text message (iMessage)and showed delivered under the message and she never replied and few days later, I texted her message again but this time the delivered never showed up under the message and I know I have been blocked. fast forward to the summer semester, We do see each other sometimes, only one time I waved at her and she waved back, but with no communication whatsoever ( she doesn’t say hi to me and I doesn’t say hi to her either), so I wandering can we still be friends? Or no? She’s Hasidic.

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