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Is Yehudi the right word?

So a bit of background first… I’m an Australian that doesn’t particularly adhere to any religious faith or creed. I’ve just come here for some advice to make sure I haven’t been led down the wrong path here.

Earlier today I got into a conversation on the r/Australia subreddit about racist slurs and I was told that the word ‘Jew’ was comparable to the ‘N’ word.

This is the advice I was given.

Yehudi(m) if you are referring to the whole ethnic group, or you can just refer to specific tribes/nations if you wish to refer to them specifically. If you are talking about the religion specifically, Judaic. Or you can just go on to refer to us by the slur the antique French gave us, or any of the words that sprung from it; Giu, Gew, Yid, Zid, Jood, Jude, Juif, Judio, etc etc etc.

Now as far as I can tell this person was on the level, but I wanted to check just in case the person was having me on and looking to set me up for some embarassing circumstances.

Edit: Thank you all for your responses. I’ve since found that the person in question was probably just being a wanker. Not sure what the point was that they was trying to get across… But I think the gist was that racist insults can be tolerated because the Yehudi people (did I get that right?) have historically tolerated them, and to not be concerned unless they’re putting people into cages to burn. I’m sticking to my guns though that racist language shouldn’t be tolerated.

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