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Is there no room in Judaism today for opposition to the Netanyahu government (and/or its policies) that doesn’t devolve into accusations of closet anti-Semitism?

I am a non-practicing Reform Jew. I love my Jewish heritage. I’m proud of it. And I have no love or patience for anti-Semites. But every conversation about anything even tangentially related to Israel invariably ends up being all hate-baiting. Whether its perusing or discussions about random news items, the conversation always turn towards “no genuine Jew can oppose x” or…well, you know.

Am I just engaging the wrong communities, or is the chasm so deep that one can only hold one extreme view or the other? I believe Israel has a right to exist and defend itself. I merely think the Netanyahu government takes this too far, is too willing to climb into bed with American evangelicals whose apocalyptic beliefs don’t square with the wellbeing of the Jewish people, and their policies are too hyper-militant. I know my views aren’t that extreme, but the responses I get are so intensely hostile you’d never guess it was a remotely moderate position.

Please. I’m not a troll, I just want a civil discussion. Please.

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