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Is there a Jewish prayer that could apply to seeing/hearing some kind of emergency?

I’m in the process of converting to Judaism, but was raised Christian. Whenever I saw a car accident or emergency vehicles, or heard sirens, I would always pray for the safety and well-being of anyone involved in whatever had happened. I’ve still been doing that even though I’m converting, but I feel like my prayers have a particularly Christian tinge that I’m no longer comfortable with. I know that there are a number of Jewish prayers that address specific everyday things, and I wondered if there is one that would be appropriate to use in those circumstances.

I’d love to incorporate more Jewish prayer into my everyday life in general, so if any of you also have ideas of common things that there are Jewish prayers for, I’d love that! The most common times I pray are if I see something beautiful, or if I’m feeling nervous about something, or if I’m thankful for something. If y’all have prayers for those, or other everyday kind of things, I’d really appreciate it.

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