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Is the "War on Christmas" rooted in hypocritical ruse?

I’m a proponent of just saying “Merry Christmas” to Christians, kinda like using AD/BC in non-Jewish contexts, bc let’s face it: both “Happy Holidays” wouldn’t exist but for Christmas and the years of BCE/CE are centered around the events of BC/AD anyway. The vast majority of America is Christian, and even tho it’s false that Jews are responsible for the “war on Christmas,” the optics that we’re a big force behind if, if not the force, don’t help our popularity here.

Also, by corporations and people saying “Merry Christmas,” it makes it way harder to attack Israel and Israeli society for doing Jewish things in public culture.

However, I feel like at the root, the whole “Happy Holidays” thing developed as a reaction to Christians whining “Christmas is commercialized” and “Keep Christ in Christmas” in part, if not in majority due to how many Jews took part in the direction/production/acting in Christmas movies and the composition of popular Christmas songs. Isn’t it enough that tons more culture was ultimately about Jesus, even if it didn’t explicitly mention him??

There def are gentile atheists/extreme secularists who hate Christmas not out of anti-Semitism and are probably a much larger share than Jews in the movement against Christmas itself. BC many of these gentile atheists and extreme secularists are vehement anti-Zionists, I want to see them lose.

Why does what I wrote in the third paragraph get left out of public debate? I think it’s time for a compact: Christmas returns, but no whining about “keep Christ in Christmas” and “Christmas is commercialized” while complaining its disappeared.

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