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Is it possible to clean up Lakewood?

The Lakewood community has been under fire for a number of issues:

Members committing tax fraud, likely encouraged by community leaders to do so.

Seriously harming the quality of the public school district.

Kars 4 Kids, deceptively not mentioning it’s primarily for Jewish learning. If you don’t understand why this is wrong, imagine that the money went toward Christian or Muslim Bible/Koran study.

Covering up incidents within the community.

Why are there so many acts of Chillul Hashem in that community, and why don’t we put pressure on them to better themselves?

To kick off a discussion: Why not send Jewish kids to public school and help infuse the public school with money from Kars 4 Kids? It says in Avos that one should get a job, and it’s only a recent phenomenon that we feel the need to give such an extensive Jewish education at the expense of a more extensive secular education. This would lessen the financial burden on parents, stop the deceptive nature of Kars 4 Kids, and help the school district instead of stripping it of resources.

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