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Is anyone familiar with this version of Ma Nishtana?

My savta was telling us at seder last week about a version of Ma Nishtana her mother always sang to her when she was a girl with different words from the song that most people know. She contacted a website that tries to store and preserve old Hebrew songs and had a recording of the song (sung by her) uploaded on to the website. She said that she does not know the origins of the song, and the people from the website did not know either. I am wondering if anyone on this sub knows anything about it. If it helps, her mother was born in the early 20th century in what is now Belarus and her family came to Israel in the early 1930s.

Here are the lyrics to the song. If I figure out how to download the recording from the website I will add that as well but I don’t want to post the link because it has my Savta’s name on it.

מה נשתנה הלילה הזה נשתנה מכל הלילות? אבא, אבא, אמור נא לי, אשאלך ארבע שאלות.

מדוע בכל לילה אוכל אני כל מה שאני חפץ הלילה הזה , ליל החג , רק מצה ולא חמץ.

מדוע הלילה ,ליל החג , ליל חופש ליל הדרור, אוכלים אנו, אוכלים כולנו, רק מרור, רק מרו .

חרוסת זו, חרוסת זו, למה למה היא באה? ואתה על כר למה ישבת, ישבת כמלך לשעה?

Thanks to anyone who can help and חג שמח!

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