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Is anyone else watching The Golden Bachelor and rooting for Leslie, the Jewish woman finalist?

Necessary disclaimers: I’ve never followed a Bachelor/Bachelorette series before, and I only watch reality TV when my daughters come to visit (they are all aficionados). Furthermore, this show is incredibly tacky on many levels.

If you’ve never seen The Bachelor franchise, 20 women vie for the affection of a single man in a series of individual dates and group activities. (In the Bachelorette rendition, it’s 20 men and one woman). Each episode the field is winnowed until the final couple will (presumably) ride off into the sunset. This is the first time they’ve done it with elder folk in their 60s/70s (hence, The Golden Bachelor) instead of the usual 20/30 somethings. Being an elder myself, etc etc.

I happened to watch an early episode. What caught my attention was that one of the women (Leslie) wore a prominent Jewish star and she definitely had a Jewish/hippie vibe. She’s a fitness teacher. Since then I’ve watch each episode and her prominent Magen David is always visible. Well, now the show is down to the wire. Said sister is now one of the final two. In the most recent episode, the bachelor dude went to visit the families of the remaining contestants. Nothing obviously Jewish was apparent, but they did seem familiar.

Needless to say, I’m rooting for Leslie, even though I’m not enamored of the guy and even less enamored of how the setup of the franchise encourages the guy to fall in love with multiples women at once and the women to fall in love with the near certainty that they will be badly disappointed.

Has anyone else fallen into this rabbit hole?

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