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Is anyone else bothered by DnD’s use of the word phylactery?

It’s my understanding that up until the word phylactery was used in Dungeons and Dragons, its primary meaning in English was tefilin. I’ve been thinking about starting to put on my tefilin semi-regulary (I haven’t been very observant recently and I’ve meant to change that, and putting on tefilin and saying the Shema seems like the easiest way to start since I can do so without leaving my apartment), and I realized explaining what that was to my friends without deliberately avoiding the word “phylactery” would be uncomfortable.

For those who don’t know, in Dungeons and Dragons a phylactery is an object containing the soul of a lich (a powerful undead wizard), the destruction of which is required in order to kill said lich.

Does anyone else feel bothered by that? I’m sort of uncomfortable with how the English word for tefilin is now primarily used in the non-Jewish world to refer to an object used by fictional undead wizards.

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