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Inquires Regarding Jewish Law:

Hey everyone. I had a few questions regarding Jewish Law, as I do not want to have any false beliefs regarding it or Judaism.

To be more specific, I am referring to Jewish Law from the perspective of the government enforcing it, and not the law which Jews may follow personally.

Here they are:

1) Is Jewish Law only applied to Jews, or is it applied to anyone living under it? I ask this because there is often a distinction between believers and non believers in religious law.

2) How does the process of applying these laws happen? What is the process of convicting someone of ‘x’ crime?

3) What differentiates Jewish Law from Islamic Law? I often hear people criticising Islamic law, yet I don’t see much difference between Islamic Law and Jewish Law in terms of what is a crime and what isn’t, and the punishments themselves.

Thank you.

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