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I’m very interested in Judaism and want to attend a synagogue

Hello r/Judaism!

I’ll make this brief but I want to give a little background. I grew up Christian and eventually rejected it and considered myself an atheist for a long while. I had begun exploring other religions before I considered myself an atheist and had noted that Judaism made some sense to me but I guess I forgot that at one point. I was a little “militant” with atheism at the beginning but slowly shed that and became much more open minded over time, even to the point of attending church again with my girlfriend who is now my wife. But Christianity still just doesn’t make much sense to me.

Fast forward to about a week ago I was browsing YouTube and ran across a video from this channel called Jews for Judaism and it was about why Jews don’t think Jesus is the Messiah. I was intrigued because I had never really looked into the subject. After watching the video my curiosity increased and I began wanting to learn more about Judaism. So I listened to more sermons (is that the right word?) by that rabbi and began searching for other sources on what Jews believe and why. Well the more I learned about it the more I realized that these rabbis were saying things that I had already learned to be true, even as an atheist. I began to feel this sense of belonging and a thirst for knowledge, to want to learn more and grow more.

I contacted the only local synagogue I could find about wanting to attend via a contact form on their website but I haven’t received anything back. I’m thinking it’s probably an old form/website or something and no one has read it. I still want to attend to learn more. Is there anything I need to know up front before just strolling in on a Saturday morning?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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