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I’m confused about my standing.

I am a teenager, for context. My paternal grandparents are Jewish, as were my paternal great grandparents, and so on and so forth. In his 30s or 40s, my paternal grandfather renounced religion, but my father remained Jewish. However, my father is not particularly religious and my mother is a non-practicing Christian. I grew up never going to temple or to church (except maybe as forgotten times as a child). Though my parents didn’t raise me with religion being a huge part of my life, I have always considered myself to be Jewish since I align myself with the beliefs and observe holidays. I want to get more in touch with G-d and start going to temple. I know this might sound silly, but would I have to convert to Judaism despite being from Jewish lineage? How would I go about visiting a synagogue for the first time? I’m very nervous, but also excited. Any help or advice is welcomed!

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