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I’m bringing my Goyim boyfriend and his daughter with me to the Passover Seder this year. What can I do to make it a more fun experience for his daughter?

Obviously the Afikomen comes to mind, but beyond that I want to make the seder a little more enjoyable for her. She will be the youngest so she can read from the haggadah here and there if she wants (she loves to read). The problem I see with Passover for her is that she gets bored pretty easily and is a very picky eater. My family will not be happy hearing complaints during seder so I’m looking to avoid that. Babysitters are not an options and I want her to have this new experience with us.

I figured I can bring her her own food and bake something she would like for dessert. I don’t want to bring the iPad with us because that will encourage her to want to leave the table early which I consider rude since Passover mainly focuses on the meal. I haven’t decided if bringing toys would encourage her to leave the table early/complain as well. I figured if she’s good, she can do the afikomen and play with her prize by time dessert comes out.

Would it be rude if she colored at the table when she finishes her own food? Maybe passover related coloring pages so she’s encouraged to ask questions about a new culture to her? Any other suggestions so everyone is happy?

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