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I want to let a few things off my chest

Aright r/Judaism I have something to say

I’m already seeing the downvote storm but I’m ok with it if it means some people at least get to hear me out

I’m a lurker in this sub and some posts/comments about Muslims and r/Islam frustrated me.

And let me honest and tell you what Muslims on r/Islam really believe

We hate Zionism just like how you hate Wahhabism

We hate the Israeli government just like how you hate the Saudi/Iranian government

Some Muslims believe all Jews are evil maniacs who want to occupy all the Middle East and kill all non-Jews

Some Jews believe all Muslims are infidel beheading, women oppressing, whatever the fuck the media portray us to be

This is why you will find some anti-semitic posts and comments on r/Islam

BUT NEVER was it ok for the majority of us on r/Islam to see a post or a comment blatantly paint the Jews as a whole as “bad” or basically an anti-Semitic post or comment and not downvote it to oblivion

And on the contrary I can share a shit ton of posts and comments talking positively about Jews, alot of wholesome posts if you want…

There is a post here with a video of some hijabi girls or whatever talking serious shit about Jews with a title of “Muslims apologize about the video” or something like it..

And what was the comments? Oh yes mockery of those who apologized and saying that we Muslims activated “Taqiyya” gangs and are afraid that the video got viral?


Those who apologized didn’t do so because they agreed and then disagreed with the video but they did so in hope that the world would know that WE DON’T AGREE WITH THIS VIDEO’S MESSAGE…

Hell we don’t even need to apologize for something we didn’t commit in, tolerate or approve of to begin with…

those who should apologize are the ones who are anti-semitic and you know they would never apologize anyways..

We aren’t afraid that the video got viral.. there are a lot of fucked up shit other “Muslims” posted on the internet already and we’re used to people saying “Look that represents the whole of the Muslim world”

But I didn’t expect that reaction to be from the same people who suffer the same oppression as we Muslims do…

In the end I just want to say that r/Islam (most people there) do not view Jews with hatred and you’re all welcome to check yourself

Peace out.

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