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I think I made a major Shabbos error involving a cookie.

I was invited to my first Shabbos lunch after class today. All of us were sitting, getting to know one another, eating, enjoying. Cue desserts. Out comes a few things along with a plate of cookies. Everyone was raving about the home made cookies, that the Rabbi had waited all week for his “one cookie”. The plate went around and I grabbed a cookie out of politeness.

I bit into it and had a moment of instant regret. It was hard. But worse I realized every one else’s were soft. Which suddenly reminded me of a story I read some where years ago about a Rabbi that would wait all week for his special cookie that was baked a slight bit longer than the rest.

I have no idea how to go about apologizing for waltzing in his life and eating his cookie like the uncivilized mountain swine that I am. I am still not sure if I made the right decision to finish eating it all, or if I should have put it down after the first bite. He was obviously upset afterwards. What do I do?

I wish this was a shit post. Legit crying rn.

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