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I researched my family tree and found out some interesting things. Now what?

My dad’s side of the family has always tracked our geneology. My family is well aware that we are direct descendants of the First Ger Rabbi – Yitzchak Mier Alter. A few days ago, when looking up more information about my great x many grandfather, I found out that he was a direct descendant of Rashi.

I thought that was really cool since our family line has many well known rabbis in it because of Rashi and the Ger Rabbi’s. Something even more interesting was finding out that Rashi is a descendant of David – meaning my family, including me, is a descendant of King David.

My family was absolutely shocked about this but we were immediately flooded with questions.

How many people are descended from Rashi?

How many people are descended from David?

Is there anything we can do with this information?

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