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I recently found out that the Exodus is historically false – the Jewish people were not actually slaves in ancient Egypt

I recently found out that the Exodus story is not historically real, ie like creationism or the ark. The Jewish people never even lived in ancient Egypt. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Ever since I learned about the academic consensus on the Exodus, the ethics have been bothering me. The ethics of accusing Egypt of enslaving millions of Israelites, when this is not historically true. And the same goes for saying Jewish ancestors were slaves when this is also not historically true.
I know some Jewish people say that the Exodus is a story to teach about oppression and finding ones home or place in the world (ie Israel), but clearly this can be done without the unethical side effects. For example with the actual historical event of the Holocaust. Jewish people overcame oppression and formed Israel. Its the same basic story but actually historically real.

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