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I just want to get the jewish opinion on two issues.

1) What do Jews think of the fact that scholarly consensus nowadays that Moses, David and a lot of the other figures in the hebrew bible did not exist and were mostly legends. This consensus was surveyed and cataloged in What Remains of the House That Albright Built?,’ in George Ernest Wright, Frank Moore Cross, Edward Fay Campbell, Floyd Vivian Filson (eds.) The Biblical Archaeologist, American Schools of Oriental Research, Scholars Press, Vol. 56, No 1, 2 March 1993 pp.25-35, p.33: ‘the overwhelming scholarly consensus today is that Moses is a mythical figure.’

This consensus was corroborated by biblical scholar Francesca Stavrakopoulou

2) How do Jews feel about the renaissance in Evangelical Christianity where missionaries are sent to Israel and all over Europe and Israel with the purpose of converting Jews to Christianity. These organizations are being countered by efforts like Outreach Judaism led by Rabbi Tovia Singer.

Sorry if I come across as offensive.

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