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I have Jewish heritage and am interested in Judaism but I’m afraid I won’t belong…

This has been on my mind for years now. My great grandparents were Hungarian Jews that emigrated to the US in the 1910s. My grandmother became an orphan and wasn’t raised Jewish. Neither was my mother. Grandma spent her life searching for a faith but never really found it.

I’ve always been interested in Judaism – I feel like it addresses spirituality in a way that no other religion does…but also I’m not religious myself. And, I feel silly saying this, but I’m a blonde haired and blue eyed Ohio farm boy…I feel a need to acknowledge my heritage but I’m afraid somehow I don’t belong. The other sides of my family are all mishmashed English, French and maybe Native American.

I’m just looking for guidance…should I read a book, seek out a rabbi…? How does one study Judaism as a non religious person?

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