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I figured this would be the perfect place to ask these questions regarding faith and holy books

I have been starting the process of converting to Judaism and volunteering for the IDF (over age for conscription but i will volunteer… hopefully get combat role somehow, but i am not golding my breath), already starting to learn hebrew Krav Maga, getting in shape, whatever i can do to help hopefully when i am accepted, i guess what I am asking here is what all do i meed besides Hebrew, knowledge of the Torah and a good understanding of Jewish customs (based upon observation with friends and family) i have always wanted to be jewish but to the best of my knowledge no jewish blood in my veins unfortunately.

Basically what i am asking is what all do i need to read and study such as books and other things to make ir easier for me on my journey to conversion and making Aliyah.

Thanks for any and all help!

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