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I feel the need to expose this community to the actual 21st anti-semites bible

It seems most jews are wholly unaware of the actual arguments of far-right white nationalist anti-semites, and seem to assume they’re just conspiratorial crazies when in my experience dealing with them has not been the case all the time. This doesn’t really help and actually just makes us look stupid and unaware. I find it important to actually hear the way people express their own arguments from the horse’s mouth, and not how a 3rd party interprets their argument, just like how i wouldn’t go to a self-hating jew to learn about Judaism. Or an anti-semite to learn about Judaism, I wouldn’t go to someone who hates white nationalists to learn about white nationalists.

So if you’re actually interested in understanding where anti-semitism is growing and festering in the 21st century, read up on Kevin MacDonald’s work. He has a blog and has written an extensive trilogy on Jews, the most important being Culture of Critique (available online in full for free).

There’s also a recent video that’s been going around rather frequently.

The problem is i never actually see these arguments being refuted by anyone, i only see people attacking strawmen, not actually understanding the argument, or just calling people anti-semitic and leaving it at that. There has been one academic refutation of Macdonald’s work, but fell a little flat as it was strawmanny and was rebutted rather thoroughly by macdonald himself.

So currently there are no serious rebuts to modern sources of anti-semitism, only strawmen and ad hominems, which personally feels a little lazy and unhelpful to tackle anti-semitism and its sources, and that to me is the most frightening thing.

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