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I don’t know, I don’t want a perfect Olam Ha-Ba. Your thoughts?

I love the idea of Olam Ha-Ba, something to look forward to, I guess, but recently I’ve had a crisis. I realized that perfection is not something I really want. I mean, I’m not trying to convince anyone, but imagine a life with all desires fulfilled, all wishes granted, and everything is at its peak. Is there anything to look forward to? I mean, yes, perfection is great, for a while. But Olam Ha-ba is forever. Do I really want nothing to look forward to, forever? I want imperfection in Olam Ha-ba, so that everyday is an adventure. But I’m just jew~ish. I’d like some answers from people with more knowledge on Judaism. Any thoughts?

Baruch atah Adonai, Elohineu Melech Ha’olam.

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