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I appreciate the help from this sub.

Hi — Christian here with my irregular intrusions.

Every post I’ve made has been met with friendliness and meaningful feedback — I really appreciate it. Someone from here had recommended to me Herman Wouk’s book called “This is My God” and it was very good. I learned about Jewish beliefs on salvation, some stuff regarding the Talmud, the reverence for the Law of Moses, the meaning of Jewish identity, etc. As time goes on I continue to find many similarities between Orthodox Judaism and Orthodox Christianity — a lot of stuff is very familiar; but of course, a lot of stuff is also brand new to me. It’s pretty cool to learn about.

Someone on here had also recommended “Jewish Literacy” by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, which I do have and plan on reading, God willing. I just wanted to express my appreciation here — so thank you all. Be well 🙂

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