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I am hoping to verify these accusations levied against prophets.


The reason I am posing this question is to do due diligence on what Jews actually believe. I think I have already verified these claims through looking at websites, but please tell me if this is factually correct:

  • You assert that Solomon tolerated idol worship and that he turned a blind eye to his wives erecting temples for their gods.
  • That you believe that Lot committed incest with his two daughters whilst drunken, and that he was an evil person.
  • That you believe that David wanted to commit adultery with Bathsheba but that it wasn’t adultery because of a “technicality.”
  • Also, that Jacob used deception to gain (steal?) his father’s blessings.

I am not here for debate, just for a Jewish person to scrutinize what I have written to see if it is factually correct or not.

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