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I am a non-Jewish girl who in the beginning stages of a relationship with a Jewish boy. He has invited me to Shabbat dinner with his family this Friday. Looking for advice

I don’t know if this sub is the appropriate place for this question and if not I apologize and will definitely repost to a different sub if you guys do wish.

So I am 19, I am a freshman in college and I have been seeing this boy since the second week of school. Things are getting pretty serious between us, we see each other almost every day, we are exclusive, he’s met my siblings, ect. I grew up catholic, I no longer identify as catholic or as really a religious person in general, but my parents definitely do. I did not grow up in a place where there were many Jewish people. I have Jewish cousins, and until coming to college they were they only Jewish people I knew. My boyfriend has told me his faith and Jewish identity is very important to him and an integral part of who he is, and I totally respect that.

My boyfriend has asked me to come meet his family and eat a Shabbat dinner with them this Friday. I had never even heard the word Shabbat before and I had to google it so I knew what I would be attending, but I really do want to go and meet his family and show that I am serious about their son and that I respect their faith and such. I am looking for advice on how I should behave, what I should wear, if there are any customs or such during a Shabbat dinner that I should not participate in because I am not Jewish and if so what I should do, I’m just looking for advice on how to approach this.

I am head over heels for this guy and I really do not want to mess this up and I want his family to like me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I did not realize that different branches of Judaism would approach Shabbat dinners differently. My boyfriend’s family is reform, but also very religious.

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