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How would you describe Gemara to someone who literally had no background?

I’m Orthodox and B”H, I’ve been blessed to have a pretty solid background when it comes to learning Gemara. I was sitting in a shul learning when someone came up to me and asked if the book I was going through as a Chumash, which was placed on an adjacent chair. So I was trying to explain how the Talmud goes into greater depth and elaborates on commandments found in the Bible. It didn’t help that I don’t speak in what can be considered a concise manner and, more importantly, I don’t know how well they understand English. Regardless, I found myself at a loss for words. Because obviously there’s more to Gemara than just elucidating dinim. It was weird. Idk, I’m lying in bed just thinking about it rn and was wondering what y’all think.

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