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How were genealogies kept before the Torah was written?

I’m starting over in my bible studies and have decided to be more thorough, educated, and honest in it after getting into the Ten Minute Bible Hour channel on YouTube. I got to Genesis 5 and saw a footnote mentioning something about verse 1 possibly referring to a written source that Moses used when writing, which conflicted with my earlier (albeit lazy) research for a school presentation that said oral tradition was the means of preserving text. So far I havent found anything useful to help me here, so I have to ask: how were genealogies kept before Moses finished writing? If you can cite a source so I can write it down in my notes, that would help too.

Also, sorry for asking this on the resting day. I just have a deep interest in these sorts of details both as a help for understanding the Bible and for general historical curiosity.

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