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How To Decide If Going Back To Synagogue Is Right for Me?

Hello, I’m a 23M looking to get re-involved in my community and meet some new folks. I grew up going to a reform synagogue for years and still identify as Jewish. I can’t remember many of the practices I learned in my temple or how to read Hebrew beyond a few things. The last time I was in a temple was one time 2017 I went to honor my late grandmother on my own.

Being someone who has a background in the faith, but isn’t particularly religious or deeply interested in becoming heavily religious, where should I start? I am a bit afraid of being judged for being so clueless now, but figure it’s all in my head. I want to be involved and be a part of the wider Jewish community, but am not interested in being a zealot. Any suggestions on picking a welcoming congregation of friendly folks (I live in a major American city)?

Also, I am seriously dating a woman who is a non-Jew. Is there any advice you could give someone on how to balance those two things?

Thanks for the advice?

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