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How to deal with woman at my shul?

I’ll probably delete this later, but I’m looking for advice.

I’m nearing the end of my conversion process, but someone said something hurtful to me, and I’m having trouble shaking it. Some background: I have Jewish heritage on my dad’s side, but I’m converting in order to be considered halachically Jewish. The girl who made the hurtful comment is from a Latin American crypto-Jewish background. I’m not sure if she’s halachically Jewish, and it’s none of my business at this point. Let’s call her Marisol.

I was at a Shabbat dinner with some fellow conversion students, and Marisol casually stated that converts “aren’t real Jews.” She also said that all of the converts she knew eventually backslid on Jewish observance, and that she wouldn’t be surprised if it happened to us. She seemed to think that she was better than us because of her crypto-Jewish background, despite the fact that many of us come from patrilineally Jewish families. I’m happy that she takes pride in her heritage, but she doesn’t need to put us down to do so. I didn’t say anything in response, but her words really hurt me. How can I let this go?

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