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How should a gentile read Torah and other awkward questions

Hi, I’m a gentile, but I have a great appreciation for Judaism and Hebrew. I’m considering the conversion at some point, perhaps reform because my wife is also a gentile and no orthodox rabbi would ever convert a family of two. For now I’m trying to study what I can and not to get too far at the same time (I know we’re not supposed to). I have several questions regarding the stuff I do:

  1. I’m reading Torah in my native language (Russian) with extensive commentary by Rambam and some others plus haftarot. I’m trying to do that every week on Saturdays, but I often get behind and read previous parashot on Mondays and Thursday. Is it OK that I’m doing that and trying to do it on those days or it’s a transgression?

  2. I’m only reading the first 5 books for now, and I’m not sure how you’re supposed to read the rest of them. There doesn’t seem to be parashot for that or some other structure to read it sequentially, am I supposed to just to read them like any other book?

  3. I know we’re not supposed to read Talmud, I’m not touching it until I see a rabbi about all of this (it would probably take some time until I get there). But perhaps there is some other stuff one could read to get better grasp of this all. I’m reading a pretty gentile-oriented book on Mussar practices but it probably is pretty far from strictly religious topics.

Hopefully it doesn’t offend anyone. I’m not keeping Shabbat and other stuff forbidden for gentiles. I only try to gravitate towards kosher eating, but it seems to be OK. I know most of these could be answered by a rabbi, but at this point I can’t contact one due to complicated personal situation. Any advice would be appreciated.

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