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How do you make (or WHAT IS) the distinction between judaism as a religion/belief-system and judaism as a culture or ethnicity?

Hey everyone! I hope this is allowed here

It feels that everytime I’m in a discussion about judaism, I get trapped in this confusion around what “jewish” or “judaism” even means. Is it a religion, is it a culture, is it an ethnicity? And what if it was a religion, why is it that only people from a certain “ethnic group” can believe in it and practice it. It all seems very confusing. I was browsing different religious subreddits (r/christianity, r/islam, r/buddhism) and all the discussions there were about the religion as a belief system, while every jewish subreddit i come across is about judaism as a culture or nation. About things only those born to jewish mothers can relate to.

Proselytizing seems to be a huge part of other abrahamic religions like christianity and islam. There is the concept of “I have found truth and I want to help others find it” but it seems in judaism, it is the complete opposite. So I don’t even know , is judaism is a religion meant for other people to learn about and believe in? Does the God of judaism want people to believe in him? And if judaism is only for jews, what does this God want from everyone else? Who does he want them to follow, and does he even care about them worshipping him or believing in his existence?

I didn’t really grow up with a jewish community around me so forgive my ignorance, and I hope my questions aren’t too much or all around the place, but I really wish someone could explain this to me.

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