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How do you keep Shabbat if you live alone?

This isn’t a direct request for personal advice, but I’m asking this question because I’m hoping to hear from other people who have been in similar circumstances to me or have felt the same way. (And I’m trying to make a post that’s not about AS.)

I belong to a Conservative synagogue. I don’t keep Shabbat. Sometimes I think I’d like to; I have kept Shabbat a few times in the past when I’ve been on Jewish trips or visiting Orthodox families. It was really nice.

But those times, I was with friends or with welcoming families. I live alone. I’m single, and my nearest family is over an hour away by car or public transit. The idea of no electronics, no travel to see friends, no spending money, no working on my creative writing hobby – it feels really oppressive to me. I go to services sometimes, but I don’t know what I’d do with myself apart from that.

So that leads to my question: How do you keep Shabbat if you live by yourself?

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