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how do I talk to my Dad about wanting to go to a yeshiva?

When my Dad was young he went to the local Yeshiva and hated it. And he’s not religious at all he very much does not like his childhood and teenagehood and doesn’t even like to talk about it and pretends not to know about it.. Except sometimes he will hear my tutor say something about it that he disagrees with and then all of a sudden he knows everything about it again down to quoting specific gemaras. But unless he’s in a specific mood he doesn’t want to talk about it and it upsets him.

However my mom is still sort of religious and so when I was little I went to chaya mushka but now I go to another school. But then I reconnected with a friend from chaya mushka on snap and he was talking about all this stuff i never knew and my mom got tired of me asking questions ALL THE TIME lol. So now I have a tutor rabbi g and he’s teaching me about mishnah and how to be shomer shabbos and my mom gave me permission to stay at his house with his son on shabbos to sleepover and it’s amazing. Like my mom never said havdallah because she said her mom said if a woman does it she grows facial hair and so I never heard it before and I’ve never been to shabbos dinner not at my parents house and stuff. And my mom will take me to shul but it embarrasses me because she drops me off in a car and will drop me a little ways down the road but I want her to drop me off further so I’m not seen getting out of the car but she won’t because it’s not safe. But she got me a havdallah set and now she does it with me and im going to have a bar mitzvah with rabbi g because I never had one and I’m really excited. And I have so much to catch up on, rabbi g said I should know Mishna now but I’m barely about to read torah without translation yet.

So Rabbi G told me that the school my dad went to actually still exists and he teaches there. He also told me he used to know my dad which surprised me. But it turns out lots of ppl in the community know my dad snd they all ask after him and are so nice and hes never talked about these people one time. And that I could go for high school next year but he wont go around my dad. So im trying to come up with a plan to ask my parents but especially my dad. But i asked my mom about why I didn’t go to Jewish school once (there are a few in my area) and she said it’s the jewish schools she went to didn’t teach her certain things well (non jewish things). And it was a HUGE arguement when my mom hired Rabbi G, my dad didn’t want her to but she said I am Jewish and I must know something. But it embarasses me because my dad wont show respect to rabbi g and makes fun of it. But my mom changes into a skirt and wears a baseball cap when rabbi g comes over. And shes helping me im trying to make a bracha before i eat now and she always knows which to say. So I think she’ll be on my side.

So I’m looking for advice about how I can bring up ro them going there instead of the highschool im supposed to be going to. I looked up science and english tutors in my area and they cost the same as my parents are paying Rabbi G. So im think I could bring up maybe switching the program. My friends who go to the Yeshiva go until 9:00 HOWEVER rabbi G said some leave at 6 whose parents have other education for them so it wouldn’t be abnormal.

I have been thinking about this for a long time since I met Rabbi G this isn’t spur of the moment. And I am kind of mad at my parents for not raising me intown because I feel like I missed out on so much. And theres a whole community of people who know my dad who i could have known too. And apparently i even have cousins i never heard of who live nearby but i havent met them. I’m the most happy when I’m learning about Judaism or with my Jewidh friends, not at school. My old friends don’t care and make fun on judaism even tho some of them are Jewish.

Thank you

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