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How big is the Sephardi prescence in Bnei Brak?

I don’t hear about it that much but am curious. I looked up any Sephardic synagogues and yeshivas and only found one small Sephardic synagogue but then a Times of Israel article mentions that 30% of people who voted in Bnei Brak voted Shas (though am unsure if they are correct because of the wording).

I am presuming that the majority of the Sephardi who voted were from Pardes Katz which is a non-Haredi neighborhood of 30,000 people in Bnei Brak and would like to presume an overwhelming majority are Sephardic.

How Sephardic is Bnei Brak really? I always hear it is very Ashkenazi and watching some walking videos and things about life in Bnei Brak, there seems to be an overwhelming majority of Ashkenazi but I am still very confused.

I also forgot to mention there is some prescence of Dati Leumi/national religious as well.

Any answer is free to be shared! And thanks!

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