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honest question-

what are y’alls thoughts on race and jewishness? i’ve seen so much discourse lately from nonjews and jews alike – particularly, nonjews saying jews only claim to be non white when convenient, or jews claiming they aren’t white by virtue of their jewishness when they would be considered white otherwise, etc.

it is my understanding that jews are not their own race (even if that has been a prevailing antisemitic narrative), and that jews can be any race, and that is part of why we have terms for prominent groups of jews of different global/ethnic origin.

certainly i, a jew with pale skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair am not the same race as, say, an Ethiopian jew by virtue of us both being jewish? and certainly my jewishness does not make me non white (being of european descent), right?

nonetheless i’d like to hear what other jews’ thoughts are on the subject.

disclaimer: before someone says it to discredit the question, yes, I’m aware that race is a social construct. I don’t actually believe there are physiological differences between different ‘races’. I’m asking this from a social perspective and only giving legitimacy to the idea of race in that the idea of it has had tangible effects on our society as a whole, particularly in how we’ve come to socially categorize different ethnic groups and how we view the notion of whiteness and who benefits from being or being seen as white.

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