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Historian Yehuda Bauer Denounces Poland’s Holocaust Revisionism
Bauer writes:

An extremely worrisome development is emerging from official Poland: the rewriting of history. Their argument, in general, is that yes, there was some prewar antisemitism in Poland, but generally there was peace and harmony, continuing the coexistence between Poles and Jews since medieval times. Under German occupation, Polish society, itself under attack, supported the Jews, albeit with some exceptions; there were huge numbers of rescuers, represented by the Polish government-in-exile and the Polish underground. Plainly, these are inventions. Between the world wars, though there was an important minority among the Poles opposed to antisemitism, the majority was increasingly hostile.

Nevertheless, the majority was anti-Jewish, gladly exploiting the murder of the Jews by robbing their property. Many – certainly not all – Poles, especially among the peasants, either murdered Jews or delivered them to the hands of the collaborationist Polish police, or straight to German murderers.

Polish revisionists present invented statistics. In recent correspondence with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach of New Jersey, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki claimed that out of 3.3 million Polish Jews at the war’s outbreak, 300,000 survived, and for that most of Polish society must be credited. In fact, of those 300,000, well over 250,000 survived the war in the Soviet Union, not in Poland; the real number of Jewish survivors in Poland itself is estimated to have been approximately 40,000.

We accepted the mendacious official Polish narrative, and swallowed it.

We accepted the mendacious official Polish narrative, and swallowed it.

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