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Hey gentile (cultural Catholic) here wondering if this is anti-Semitic

Hi, first and foremost I am NOT here to proselytize, I am asking this question as an extension of my own self reflection and study of antisemitism. I am trying to do my part to curb and combat antisemitism. That being said, while attending Ash Wednesday service last week, the following passage was read:

So when you give alms, do not have it trumpeted before you; this is what the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets to win human admiration. In truth I tell you, they have had their reward. (Mathew 6:2)

‘And when you pray, do not imitate the hypocrites: they love to say their prayers standing up in the synagogues and at the street corners for people to see them. In truth I tell you, they have had their reward. (Mathew 6:5)

Maybe I am reading too much into it and perhaps it is harmless, but i am just curious if there is an antisemitic undertone here

Edit: because I am a gentile and not as educated as this sub on antisemitism, educating me would do far more good than downvoting. I am open to learning.

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