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Help save the life of a 5 year-old Jewish girl w/ a 90% chance of suffering from leukemia or bone marrow failure! She needs to find someone whose immune system is a good DNA match; 18 to 44 year-olds with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry are her best bet. Pls read this post for more info. Norah Needs You!

Registering at or will put you on the national bone marrow and stem cell registry for ALL patients searching for a match. If you were to match with Norah or another patient, the processes of both stem cell and bone marrow donation (you’d only do one, not both) are nearly painless and take about a day. 100% of medical, travel and other related expenses of the donation process are covered by the Be The Match Foundation. ( The cells you donate are regenerated by your own body within 6 weeks of donating.

It’s worth a life, to the patient looking for that rare and elusive match, and it’s incredibly rewarding to donate. It’s like both the patient and the donor are winning the best lottery on the planet! Please join the registry now if you can, and share this information widely!

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