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Help a goy understand his new Jewish neighborhood

Hi all, my wife and kid and I just moved into a neighborhood of Baltimore that is in parts predominantly Orthodox Jewish (maybe I’m wrong? I see lots of tzitzit, dark clothes, and wide brimmed hats, modestly dressed moms, and hear lots of Hebrew “R”s in words). I didn’t really give it much thought until I spent some time on the playground with my daughter.

Most of the parents are pleasant, but don’t really seem to have any interest in talking to or with me. This is very different from my old neighborhood. I was wondering if perhaps there were some cultural cues I was missing, or not picking up on?

About me: white, non-religious guy, who looks like your typical hipster dad. Raised around people of all faiths and backgrounds, with lots of Jewish friends and coworkers over the years (though most likely Reform, Reconstructionist, or Humanist if I were to guess). Better than the average white-guy understanding of Yiddish, mostly due to my love of etymology.

Is there anything I can or should or should not do when interacting with my new neighbors? It’s kind of depressing to be on a playground full of kids and adults and at the same time feel totally alone.

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