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Hello, anyone knows the Historical Bar Kamtza×400.jpg

The Huqoq Mosaic, excavated by Jodi Magness clearly shows Bar Kamtza contending with the Jewish Priesthood, in addition to the fact that this was found in a Jewish Synagogue. In this Mosaic, Kamtza is depicted with the so called “Kamtza Calf” which was blemished. I dont see the Blemishing of the Calf as Literal, but it conceals a more hidden issue.Kamtza is instigating the Zealots to overthrow the Rabbinical / Talmundic Jews and the Rabbihood, finally with the help of Rome overthrows the onslaught. According to Ralph Ellis theory, this very Kamtza is the Eddessan Prince, Izates Bar Monobaz or Jesus the Only King. Does anyone subscribe to this logic or is there another explanation.

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