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Halacha of Tzitzis and belts

Alright people what do you do. All my life I’ve followed the chumra that prohibited tzitzis from being tucked under a belt and left to dangle below. Instead they just sit over the belt but they’ve always required adjustment. The argument for the stringency is in Zevachim 18b, basically that a belt halachically “cuts” the priestly vestments. The idea then, as per various Lithuanian traditions, is that tzitzis would be similarly cut, thus rendered invalid. On the other hand, I see Lubavitch guys with tzitzis tucked under their belt all the time. What do you guys do? I know my friends in Lakewood, Baltimore etc all don’t hold by the belt tuck to keep them at your sides, but everyone I spoke to just said it was just how they did it and never really thought about it as a halachic choice.

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