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Grandfather liberated Auschwitz as part of the Red Army and gave a doll to one of the victims there, tracing this?

My grandfather was part of the Red Army who liberated Auschwitz. His unit were appalled by what they saw but my Grandfather regrets they were prevented from showing too much compassion to the survivors.

Their senior officers told them that the victims and survivors were basically failures who hadn’t fought back enough against the Nazi murder machine (this was sad as the Officer had been otherwise been a good man). My grandfather never saw abuse of victims but they were treated in a rather awkward way. They were treated rather starchily and formally.

My grandfather had some rations of chocolate and a doll, which he gave to one of the victims when his seniors were not looking. His unit was quickly transferred to operations in the Soviet Occupation of Germany.

It was one of my Grandfather’s big regrets in life that he never found out what happened to person he gave chocolate and a doll to (he later had PTSD attacks from his experiences in liberating Auschwitz) Is there anyway I can look into this? The person might have died but they might have relatives.

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