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Good day everyone .

I’m an African, to be specific Zimbabwean.I am a Bantu descendant , The question that has been bothering me is , how can those of the fairer skin call themselves Israelites and why do they feel the necessity to hold to that and also does scripture and prophecy align with their history and current lives, when the Bible states who the Israelites are and how their curses will stay with them forever ?please help me with enough the evidence

  1. Bantu people had been slaves from the start(Prophecy given to Abraham and also prophecy inside Deut 28), African Americans are of Bantu descents

2.the Israelites will be noted by their curses(everyone will laugh at them,and they will always be unproductive and confused)

3.The Israelites will suffer their curse forever until and only God will remove them from the curse when they turn back to God)

4.The shipping of slaves from Africa to America (Deuteronomy 28:33 33. “A nation that you don’t know will take all your crops and everything you worked for. People will treat you badly and abuse you.)

There are many more scriptures that will show you everything about who the Israelites are,

As an African, Bantu to be precise, We believe in God , and we call him Mwari, Musikavanhu,Unkulunkulu,Thixo, depending on the Bantu language .There are also other Africans who practiced dark spirits …and I believe these were learnt in Egypt because we all believe in the bird Horus, in our country we have it on flag and we call it the Zimbabwean Bird ….. and there’s evidence of ancient Egyptian sculptures being excavated in parts of Zimbabwe .

Remember There are more than 500 Bantu Languages, and Shona, Zulu , Xhosa are part of those languages .

Bantu means people.

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