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Going to my first Passover seder at a Conservative Synagogue and I have questions!

I am currently converting through a Reconstructionist Rabbi. However, I will be downstate this weekend and so I purchased tickets to attend a Conservative seder. Of course, I asked the Rabbi first and he said it was fine. I do have a few questions since I don’t have much experience with Conservative Judaism and this will be my first ever seder.

1) Is it appropriate to bring something to the seder? I have a wonderful kosher wine but I don’t want to bring it if that would be inappropriate. Do people usually bring things?

2) Is a Conservative seder usually mostly in Hebrew with some English? Or is it predominantly English? Unfortunately, my comprehension of Hebrew isn’t that great yet. I’m fine with some Hebrew prayers and songs but I’m scared I won’t understand most of what is going on if the story of Exodus is told entirely in Hebrew.

3) Is there anything you feel I should know? 🙂

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