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Giyyur candidate to buy a Mishnah set?

Is it worth buying the set before conversion or after conversion?

It’s been about 1.5 years into giyyur now with the local Conservative congregation, and I’ve begun studying masekhet Berakhot with my rabbi every one-to-two weeks (of which we cover two pereqim a week) for the last few weeks.

On my own, I have been trying to do a pereq of Mishnah a day (so I can have an overview of the Mishnayot after 525 days), and have been going through tractate Bava Metzia on my own to begin (currently on chapter 7 so far, the right of a worker to graze/snack while working in the field, lol). Maybe one day after this 525 I can concentrate on two mishnayot per day, or even begin Gemara/Daf Yomi.

However, it is eye-straining to basically do my Tanakh yomi (929), as well as studying 10-12 mishnayot per day on my phone with my Kehati app, notwithstanding davening with the Sefaria app’s siddurim. At the same time, I am not made of money and work a minimum wage job so far. :/ However, for the sake of my ocular health I have considered buying the Kehati Mishnah set. I can’t just keep on staring at my phone all day!

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