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Gentile asking for a Jewish friend

Hi there
I realise that it’s Shabbat and that tomorrow is Tisha B’Av.
But who knows, perhaps someone Orthodox/Conservative/Dati/Masorti sees this in time.

A common friend of me and my Jewish pal was admitted to the hospital today.
Rather low blood pressure, fever, already had a pulmonary fibrosis and is in the intensive care unit for the night/tomorrow.
So even if low blood pressure and a fever isn’t something that dangerous for a healthy person for her it is kind of different.

I was at my friends Shabbat dinner yesterday so it is already known that something is wrong with our common friend.

If this was just another Sunday I’d obviously say something but it’s Tisha B’av.
This Jewish pal has no Rabbi who could be consulted as the local (Orthodox) community doesn’t have one.
The thing is if I tell my Jewish pal he’d want to visit her. But would that be even possible?
I don’t want to break it to him if he can’t even visit her tomorrow.

I hope this makes enough sense, I am a bit nervous about our common friend.

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