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Gay and converting – surely it makes no difference?

So I’m moving to a big city with a large Jewish population next month, and I’m planning to explore different avenues for conversion. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, have done a lot of research and reading, and read countless threads on this sub.

I’m also gay. I’ve seen a lot of threads by LGBT prospective converts where people in the comments are like, “are you sure? Do you really want to convert to a religion that says doing this a sin?” or “are you really ready to accept giving this up?”, etc.

But – correct me if I’m wrong – the prohibition still stands even if you remain a Noahide, right? Whether you think it’s just the biblical aveira that is proscribed or also everything approaching it, either way it’s covered under the law against sexual immorality.

So since I think this religion is true, and I feel compelled towards it and want to keep its commandments, what difference does it make to me in terms of sexuality whether I convert or don’t? I’m still obligated either way. Am I missing something here?

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