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Frum girls are a mystery to me

I grew up in a traditional jewish home. Limited contact or interaction with females that were not immediate family members. As such I feel that I lack the awareness and social context knowledge for the present.

To make a long story short. I’m now in a situation as part of my normal routine where I am interacting on a daily basis with frum girls of a similar background to my own. I have been trying to be normal and follow the advice given to me by my older brother. Namely, that women are people too. Just because you haven’t interacted in the past doesn’t mean they are a scary mystery creature either. Skipping forward a bit, it has been going well. I have no problem talking or conversing and it feels natural now. I’ve adjusted to it. However here is my problem, I have no idea when a frum girl is flirting or just being nice. When that occurred to me, I googled away. I read many reddit posts and articles on the topic. I didn’t walk away with any clarity on the matter.

So, what I’m asking is, one, how do I know when a frum girl is interested in me? And, secondly, what do I from there?

Thanks in advance

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