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Free to Help Jewish Singles

Hey Jewish singles

In an old post, I mentioned knowing a matchmaker who is Jewish in NYC (though she has clients outside too). She has both high end clients who get very specialized help, but also a database of other people.

Several people have DMed that they may want to talk to her so it occurred to me, I may as well introduce you all if I see anyone the same age, appropriate gender (or not specifically gendered). DM me and I will try my best. (Some Jewish happiness definitely needed around here, maybe I can contribute!). I am a non professional at this so no guarantees!

Also, a single friend mentioned something called the Manhattan Jewish Experience for people in their 20s/30s. I can’t verify as to how religious the folks are but there are activities (not a match making but with lots of events conducive to meeting someone. Here’s the link:

Doing my part, lol

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