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Found out I am part Jewish, but no one in my family(alive family) knows any Jewish traditions or anything about Judaism and I want to learn.

A friend of mine compared a picture of me using google art and found that I look a lot like the famous Jewish painter Isidor Kaufmann, when I showed the picture a couple of days later to my mother she said, of course, you look Jewish your grandmother was a Jew (last name Horović, which is derived either from Horowitz or Horovitz I am not sure because all last names here in Eastern Europe get changed to end with IĆ). Now that I found out that I have these Jewish powers in my blood I wanna learn about Judaism at least a little bit about Jewish people, their past, culture, and language, but here is the problem there is only one Synagogue that I know of, and it is on the complete opposite side of the country, and there are no rabbis here that I can learn from and I don’t know where to find any Jewish literature. Any help is appreciated.

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